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Here you can see some interesting photos from our company. When you click on the small preview image, a larger image opens. If you have Javascript enable, it is possible to move between images using your mouse or arrow keys.

Electronic production

You can see the place, where we produce the electronics, the production equipment, which we use for manufacture of your devices.

Fully automatic screen printer Horizon 03i from DEK for quality and precise print of solder paste Pick and place systems, AdVantis AX72 and AdVantis AC30, from Universal Instruments Convection reflow oven, XPM2 520, from Vitronics Soltec, certified also for unleaded process ESD workplaces equipped for manual placement and soldering of thru-hole components A manual screen printer with a guided squeegee mechanism, used mostly for making prototypes and unit production Manual manipulator can be used for accurate and comfortable mounting of SMD components when making prototypes Datapaq Reflow Tracker System for measuring the soldering profile of a reflow oven PCB cutter machine is used for gentle cutting of grooved PCBs Component counter, County, speeds up component acceptance into production Before placement, every component is optically checked Maybe it does not seems so, but in just one such component holder is about a million of components Inside of the pick and place machine Other spare feeders are used for preparing for next production during the current one

LED screens

Here are photos from some selected installations of our large LED screens.

Modular screen as a background - pixel pitch 12/6 mm Sport arena Pasienky in Bratislava, according to our information, the largest fixed-installation screen in Slovakia - 12,5 x 6,7 m - pixel pitch 30/15 mm, 416 x 224 physical pixels Cube in Bratislava Samsung arena - 3,6 x 2,4 m - pixel pitch 12,5/6,25 mm, 288 x 192 physical pixels Poles with the public lights in Cheb - pixel pitch 20 mm, 52 pieces, 144 x 8 physical pixels Poles with the public lights in Cheb - pixel pitch 20 mm, 52 pieces, 144 x 8 physical pixels Praha, Erpet - 4,8 x 2,88 m - pixel pitch 15/7,5 mm, 320 x 192 Modular screen on live broadcasting of Euro 2008 Prague shopping centre Kotva - 7,68 x 2,88 m - pixel pitch 15/7,5 mm, 512 x 192 Prague shopping centre Palladium - 8,45 x 6,34 m - pixel pitch 22/11 mm, 384 x 288 X-Factor Česká Republika - 12/6 mm X-Factor Česká Republika - 12/6 mm Cube on winter sport arena in Skalica - 6,15 x 3,84 m - pixel pitch 12/6 mm, 512 x 320 Modular screen as a mantinels in basketball sport event - 15/7.5 mm

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