Organisation of the entire production

Do you wish to get away from daily hassles? Make an order for the complete manufacturing of your device by us and we will arrange for everything on your behalf. We need just the documentation and you will get the manufactured and tested device in return.

As our company is a long-term customer of several reliable and high quality manufacturers of printed circuits, we can ensure good manufacturing times and PCB prices.

During our active presence in the market, we have prepared an extensive database of high quality verified components suppliers and we can thus also organise purchases of components, often even of those ones which are momentarily difficult to get.

If you have a testing facility for functional tests of your systems at your disposal, or instructions for the measuring of values in different circuit places, we can test each device after the end of the manufacture and provide you with test protocols with each manufactured device.

Are you interested in our services? Please, contact us with you order and we will prepare an offer for you.

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