Large LED screens

LED screen

Our company has developed and has been manufacturing the control electronics for large LED screens for a long time. Our screens are fully comparable with those made by the top LED screen manufacturers elsewhere in the world and we have arranged for tens of installations in the Czech Republic and abroad. The development of the control electronics and software understandably still continues in our company. We have not stopped developing new and better functions, some of which could be applied even within our older manufactured screens because when we design, we put the stress on possible future upgrades.

The utilisation of LED screens

Our screens provide for a wide spectrum of use. Fixed installations, mostly placed on outside facades or on stands as classical billboards, might be used as the displays for advertising spots or computer graphics. The mobile versions, set up with modules directly on the projection spot, serve mostly for the display of live video during broadcasting in squares or at concerts. In sport stadiums, there are often screen boxes used. They serve for the display of sport or cultural activities just taking place, for the display of a score, or for advertising purposes during breaks.

Stress on the quality and wide spectrum of use

The screen system has been designed in a modular way allowing the arrangement of almost any screen shape. Your are not limited by various rectangular shapes – you may use your fantasy and create any size or screen shape, you can also bend our screens at different angles.

The screens provide for a wide spectrum of colour shades (up to 281 billion different colour shades) and the display is very stable. It allows for picture taking by movie cameras or cameras using very short time settings without any loss of quality.

Our screens can contain diagnostic modules which, together with the supervising system, allow for the monitoring of individual screens’ activities, recording of the screens’ operations and reporting any problems or faults.

Plenty of references

You can see our LED screens in tens of installations in the Czech Republic and abroad. You can also have a look at photographs of some selected installations in our photo gallery.

Some installations of our LED screens are, for example, in:

  • Most – on the City Council building
  • Sokolov - Budovatelů square
  • Bratislava - sport stadium Slovan (the cube)
  • Brno - hotel International
  • Bratislava - sport stadium Pasienky (according to our information, the largest fixed-installation screen in Slovakia)
  • Praha - Palladium shopping centre
  • Praha - Kotva shopping centre
  • Skalica - sport stadium (the cube)
  • Praha - CČM shopping centre
  • Cheb - on poles with the public lights
  • Some modular screens serve for TV broadcasts and concerts
  • and many others

LED screens

As our company is mostly involved in the production of electronics, we cooperate with E-Profit a.s.. The company manages designs and the manufacture of mechanical parts, projecting, and implements the consequent screen servicing. We can also arrange for complete “turn key” installations for you. As we are the screen manufacturers, we can accommodate your individual requirements and wishes.

Have you become interested in our screens? Do you have any questions, or are you interested in a specific quote? Please, contact us.

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